At the End of 4 Years, World Textile Technology Leaders to Meet at ITM Exhibition on 14-18 June 2022

At the End of 4 Years, World Textile Technology Leaders to Meet at ITM Exhibition on 14-18 June 2022

ITM 2022 will be the first international textile machinery exhibition in the worldwide, after compulsory break due to the pandemic. The fact that the ITM 2022 Exhibition, one of the world’s most important organizations in its field, will bring together the textile technology leaders in Istanbul after a long time excited the textile industry.

In this period, companies that focus on production and R&D and desire to introduce the products that they have developed to their customers and visitors who want to see the latest technological products closely are waiting for the ITM 2022 Exhibition, which will be organized between
14-18 June, 2022.

ITM Exhibitions, where leading companies and global brands in textile machinery and technologies launched, are the most important address where Big Ideas turn into technology and meet with global investors. Growing by increasing the number of exhibitors and visitors at each organization, ITM Exhibitions set a great record by hosting 1150 exhibitors from 64 countries and 59.000 visitors from 94 countries in its last exhibition held in 2018.

ITM 2022 Exhibition is preparing to achieve new accomplishments as the first international textile machinery exhibition to be held after the exhibitions were canceled due to the troublesome pandemic outbreak. The textile technology manufacturers, which lastly met in Barcelona in 2019, are eagerly awaiting the ITM 2022 Exhibition to showcase their new technologies and products.

The Interest of New Participants to ITM 2022, whose sales have been completed, continues to increase

The interest of new participants from all over the world to the ITM 2022 Exhibition, whose reservations were started in 2018 and all sales processes was completed, continues to increase. The ITM 2022 Exhibition, where endeavors continue to build additional halls, will be the address where textile technology leader companies will make their first world launches.

ITM 2022 Will Boost the Turkish and Global Economy

ITM 2022, which will be held at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center on
14-18 June 2022, will create a great vitality in the Turkish and global economy thanks to the machinery sales and business partnerships of manufacturers from all over the world. Thousands of visitors will have the opportunity to see the state-of-the-art technologies up close.

Hope to see you at ITM 2022 , the meeting place of ‘Big Ideas’…