Leading Brands of Weaving Technologies Will Launch at ITM 2022

The world’s leading weaving machine manufacturers are preparing to launch the machines they have developed in the last 3 years at the ITM 2022, which will be held between 14-18 June 2022.

International Textile Machinery Exhibition ITM 2022, one of the most important events that brings together the world’s textile technology leaders, will be held at Istanbul Tuyap Fair and Congress Center on 14-18 June 2022. Weaving Technologies manufacturer companies, which took their place in ITM 2022, the first international textile machinery exhibition to be held after a 3-year break, are also preparing to launch their latest machinery, just like all the participants.

Picanol Launches of PicConnect, OmniPlus-i Connect and OptiMax-i Connect at ITM 2022
Picanol Marketing and Communication Manager Erwin Devloo explains the importance they attach to the Turkish market with the following words. “Turkey has a very long tradition in textile industry and up-to-date production facilities. When we add the textile knowledge they have gained thanks to the ongoing investments in recent years, I think that Turkey has everything it takes to be successful.”
“With the recent evolutions on the World market, the distributors realised the danger of being dependent of China as the only supplier. Therefor they are returning to other textile producing countries such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and of course also Turkey. Especially the geographical proximity of Turkey to Europe is a big advantage. In this perspective we forsee a substantial growth for the Turkish textile industry in the coming years.
ITM 2022 will be the first international textile machinery exhibition where the recently introduced novelties will be on display: PicConnect, OmniPlus-i Connect and OptiMax-i Connect.”

Itema will Presents Its Innovations Developed for the Last 2 Years at ITM 2022
Ferdinando De Micheli, Itema Sales Director said; “The ITM 2022 Exhibition will be the first exhibition after the long forced stop caused by the pandemic. That’s why ITM 2022 will provide the perfect stage to present all the latest innovations we’ve been working on over the last two years.”
“The exhibition is an unmissable opportunity to meet again our customers, business partners and friends in person.”
“Itema will welcome visitors at ITM 2022 with a product line-up designed to meet and exceed the most demanding Customers’ needs and to confirm once again its dedication to innovation and the Made in Italy excellence in the weaving sector.”

Toyota at ITM 2022 with Its Latest Model in Air-Jet Technology
Pointing out that Turkey is undeniably one of the major textile markets worldwide, not only in relation with its production volume, but also in terms of fabric quality, creativity and local know-how, Toyota Operations Director Markus Lichtenstein said: “Turkey has become one of the major markets for textile production in the western hemisphere. As long as the political and economical situation remains stable, we strongly believe that this trend is going to continue for the next few years.
A few years ago, Toyota started a new approach in order to conquer this important market and has meanwhile achieved the number one position in Air-Jet technology in Turkey. It is Toyota’s strategy to underpin this position even more in the future.
Our expectations from ITM are always high as Turkey has become one of our most important markets in the world.”