You Can Download ITM 2022 APP
from App Store and Google Play…

ITM 2022 Mobile application, which guides the exhibitors and visitors during the exhibition, has been updated. To get the latest information about the ITM 2022, free up space on your phones for your ITM 2022 APP.

ITM 2022 APP Features:


You can reach to the calendar of the events to be held during the exhibition and the supporters of the exhibition from this section. In addition, you can contact with ITM Exhibition team by sending your message and ask any questions which you wonder.


From online invitation to sectoral layout, ITM 2022 exhibitors list, access to the exhibition grounds and visiting hours, you can access these kind of data directly and quickly with just a click.


You can view ITM 2022 exhibitors by their halls, you can learn the hall and booth numbers immediately by writing the company name in the search section.

Application Form

You can complete your online application by entering the Application Form and filling the related sections.

Insta ITM

You can follow the news and developments shared on ITM 2022 from Insta ITM.


You can register your favorite fair exhibitors, news and events in My ITM section and create your own exhibition plan.


You can read the latest news, developments and press releases about ITM 2022 and watch videos.

Multi Languages Support

You can use this application which provides many convenience in terms of design and functionality, in five languages; Turkish, English, German, Italian and Chinese.