ITM 2024 Video Won Great Recognition

ITM Exhibitions, which is the address of the latest innovations in textile technologies adds a new one to its records thanks to the number of exhibitors and visitors every year. The new motto of ITM Exhibition, which has been pioneering innovations and shaping the sector and brands since its foundation is “Discover the Future”. ITM 2024 Exhibition, which will offer a unique exhibition experience to its exhibitors and visitors with new trade connections and world launches of the latest technologies; will offer the opportunity to discover the technologies that will shape the future of textile.

The countdown has begun for ITM 2024 Exhibition, one of the most important meeting points of the world in the field of textile machinery. When the dates show June 4-8, 2024, Istanbul Tüyap Fair and Congress Center will open its doors to host “ITM 2024 International Textile Machinery Exhibition”. Preparations are in full swing for this great organization where textile technology leaders will bring the latest products together with their visitors for the first time.

ITM 2024 Video Won Great Recognition

The ITM team focused on advertising and promotional activities in order to host thousands of visitors and sector investors from all over the world at the ITM 2024 Exhibition, which halls were almost full due to intense participation demands. In this context; ‘ITM 2024 Video’, which tells the story of the increasing success of ITM exhibitions over the years and which is eagerly awaited by the whole sector, has recently been published. The video, which was published in Turkish and English on social media accounts such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, was viewed by more than 30 thousand people in total and received great appreciation from the viewers.

“Discover the Future!” in the video prepared with the main theme “Discover innovations, technologies, the future…” and including clues about the ITM 2024 Exhibition, was revealed as follows:

The textile sector is among the souls of the economy with its production capacity, export volume, and contribution to employment. Many R&D centers around the world and in Turkey are breaking new ground by taking their work and innovations one step further every day. Textile technology leaders is developing technologies that consume less water and energy, are easy to use, are software and automation supported, keep up with trends and respect the environment while doing so. Industry stakeholders, especially textile manufacturers, are now curious about the answer to this question: ‘What will be the future of the textile industry, which is digitalizing, complying with sustainability principles, and signing groundbreaking innovations? This question will be answered at ITM 2024, which will host the latest innovations, technologies, artificial intelligence-supported machines, software and design excellence devices in textile machinery. That’s why the motto that best defines ITM 2024 was ‘Discover the Future’.