ITM 2020 Advertisements, Adorned Both Istanbul And Barcelona Airports Attracted Great Attention

Preparations for ITM 2020, the largest textile machinery exhibition in the region, continue at full steam. ITM 2020 advertising and posters prepared as part of the promotional activities, adorned the airports and subway stations in Turkey as well as abroad.

The ITM 2020 International Textile Machinery Exhibition, which will be held from June 2 to 6, will guide the textile machinery industry in terms of new ideas with the company launches. Sector representatives who are looking forward to ITM 2020, which will bring together Textile Technology leaders, have already noted June 2-6 in their agenda.

The ITM team, which works to make this big of textile show flawless, continues its promotion and advertising activities. Within the scope of promotional activities; ITM 2020 advertisements adorned Istanbul Airport between 11-28 June, Barcelona El Prat Airport exit door and El Prat Airport digital screens.

In addition, advertisements were hung in the metro stations in Barcelona. ITM 2020 advertisements hanging on airports and city billboards attracted great attention. Many ITM participants and visitors who used the Istanbul Airport, Barcelona Airport and the subway stations during these dates were happy to see the advertisements.

On the other hand, the ITM 2020 advertisements, which were hung in the Kahramanmaraş Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) in February 2019 and Kahramanmaraş Airport in March 2019, attract attention.